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Tips for playing better heads up in online poker

Tips for playing better heads up in online poker

Open it up


The first tip includes opening up your hand ranges and you should play the majority of your hands as the big blind. Play almost every single hand when you’re the dealer and this will pay in dividends. Since there are only two players involved the average starting hand that views the flop will be way worse than a 9-handed table so always try to open it up when playing heads-up.


Play the position


It’s important to remember that in Heads up poker you are either in the worst position or the best position imaginable. This can be frustrating for some players but that’s why it’s important to play the position wisely. Be very aggressive when preflop as the dealer and this will pay off in the long run. Be more conservative if you’re the big blind and always respect the raises from the dealer for a better outcome.


Remember the hand values


Your starting hand value will go very high up in heads-up 홀덤 poker and this also applies to showdown hands. A decent middle pair or second-worst pair are still relatively good hands and will most likely win the uncontested pot so it’s wise to bet them out when you can with confidence.


Semi bluff if possible


A great strategy to pick up multiple pots is to utilize smaller bets across unraised pots. It’s a good idea to bet a ton of flops as long as you’re getting a piece. Even something like a straight draw for example or bottom pair is worth taking a risk on the flop. Utilize this semi-bluff tactic and it will reward you well as an effective long-term strategy in Heads-up.


Accurately spot bluff attempts


If you happen to stumble upon a more aggressive opponent, then this is a situation that needs immediate addressing in the prevention of incessant semi-bluffs and preflop raises. You will need to make a stand and call them out on their bluffs to get them to stop indefinitely. On occasion, you can raise on the preflop and call the majority of the flob bets to disabuse them of this. Reraise on occasion during preflop can help as well.


Make Value bets


With lower winning hands you’ll need to effectively extract value from certain hands you normally wouldn’t. If you happen to have a very powerful hand then it would be a good idea to make small bets on the flob then turn with a larger bet on the river to get the maximum amount of value by effectively reeling them in.


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