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The biggest sports bet winnings in sports betting history

The biggest sports bet winnings in sports betting history

The sports betting industry has witnessed some legendary bettors over the years who have made millions of dollars. While millions of average bettors aspire to make it big or are there to have a bit of fun, it is the likes of Billy Walters and Tony Lizard, among others, that have made a mark for themselves in the world of sports betting.

At the same time, a few winning bets will go down in history due to the sheer volume of the leverage they gave to the bettor and made them multi-millionaires overnight. In this article, we will take a look at some of the biggest sports bet winnings in the history of sports togel thailand betting.

James Adducci-Bet on Tiger Woods winning the Masters in 2019

You do not have to be a golf fan to be familiar with Tiger Woods. Back in the days, he was a force to be reckoned with. However, with time his performance faltered due to multiple issues on the personal and professional front. Therefore, his likelihood to win the Masters in 2019 was quite low.

Bettors shied away from betting in his favour. However, James Aducci placed a hefty bet on $85,000 wagering on Tiger Woods success in the tournament with the odds of 14-1. To everyone’s surprise, Tiger Woods returned with a vengeance and gave a stellar performance in the competition. As Woods went home with the trophy, James Adducci went home with a sum of $1.2 million. If that isn’t surprising, let us shock you even more. This was Adducci’s first-ever wager.

Vegas Dave- Bet on Kansas City Royals

In 2015 Vegas Dave placed a bet on Kansas City Royals in the World Series. He wagered $100,000, while the odds were 30-1. As lucrative as the odds were, it was a very high-risk bet as the Kansas City Royals were highly unlikely to win. However, the Kansas City Royals won miraculously, and Vegas Dave walked with a winning amount of $2.5 million.

Tayla Polia- Bet on 15-leg NFL Parlay

Tayla Polia placed a $5 bet on a 15-leg NFL parlay at 20,000/1. If you do not know what parlay is, it is one of the riskiest bets, as you can assess from the odds in Tayla Polia’s bet. It is basically an accumulator bet where every prediction must be true for the bettor to take the winnings home. This means that the bet becomes riskier as more legs are added to it.

Tayla’s bet was a 15-leg parlay, so you can further assess the amount of risk. However, it was her second-ever wager as she bet $5 and won a hefty $105,000.

Richard Hopkins-Bet on Lewis Hamilton Futures

In 1998, Richard Hopkins bet on Lewis Hamilton, whom he discovered at a go-cart track. Hopkins bet that by 23 years of age, Hamilton would win Formula 1 Grand Prix title. The odds for the bet were listed at 300/1. He also wagered that Hamilton would go on to become the world champion at the same age, with odds listed at 500/1. Miraculously, both wagers paid off, and Hopkins walked away with 165000 Euros while his wager was 200 Euros.

Charles Barkley-Bet on New England Patriots in Super Bowl

In 2002, Barkley bet $500,000 on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl tournament. While the Patriots landed their first win and caused a major upset, Charles Barkley managed to earn a profit of $800,000.


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